10 Home Remedies for the Flu

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Flu signs can purpose a global of misery, from fever and cough to sore throat, nasal congestion, aches, and chills. But there are ways to feel higher.

Prescription antiviral capsules might also ease symptoms of the flu when taken shortly when you get unwell. In many cases, but, simple home remedies may be all you need for comfort of moderate to mild flu signs.

Here are10 natural treatments for the flu:
1. Drink up
The flu can depart you dehydrated, specifically if have vomiting or diarrhea. So be sure to get sufficient fluids. Water is first-rate. So are fruit juices and electrolyte drinks. You may additionally want to stay far from caffeinated drinks, because caffeine is a diuretic. Herbal tea with honey can soothe a sore throat. If you feel nauseated, strive taking small sips of beverages -- gulps may cause you to throw up. How can you make sure you’re getting sufficient fluid? Your urine need to be light yellow, nearly colorless.

How about ingesting alcohol? No manner. “When you have got the flu, the ultimate issue you need to do is drink alcohol,” says William Schaffner, MD, chairman of preventive medicinal drug at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn. “It makes you sleepy, and flu does that already.”

2. Sip some soup
For generations, caring dad and mom had been serving hen soup to children with colds and flu. But changed into mother proper? Possibly. A observe published in the magazine Chest confirmed that chicken soup may additionally assist with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like the flu.

“I accept as true with that chook soup does assist with signs,” says Reid B. Blackwelder, MD, professor of own family medication at East Tennessee State University in Kingsport. But no longer all docs agree that chemistry on my own explains the soup’s obvious benefits. “When you lean over a bowl of hot fowl soup and the vapor gets up your nose, you feel higher,” Schaffner says. “But a few [of the benefit] is in reality emotional. It simply makes you feel better having someone make soup for you.”

3. Be a sofa potato
Listen for your frame. If it’s telling you not to exercising, don’t. If it’s urging you to spend all day in bed, do. Don't press on with day by day chores even inside the face of severe cold or flu symptoms. Rest is “any other way of assisting the frame’s capacity to fight infection,” Blackwelder says.

And don’t skimp on midnight sleep. “Good sleep cycles help the immune system paintings properly, so it’s vital to get your full eight hours of sleep every night,” Schaffner says.

4. Humidify
Breathing wet air enables ease nasal congestion and sore throat pain. One correct strategy is to indulge in a steamy shower numerous times an afternoon -- or simply activate the shower and sit down in the lavatory for a couple of minutes, breathing in the steam. Another is to apply a steam vaporizer or a humidifier. Clean it frequently to ensure it’s free of mildew and mildew.

5. Make a tent
Need a brief way to open clogged airlines? Bring a pot of water to a boil and take away it from the warmth. Drape a towel over your head, near your eyes, and lean over the water beneath the “tent,” breathing deeply thru your nostril for 30 seconds. David Kiefer, MD, scientific teacher of circle of relatives remedy at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, recommends including a drop or two of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the water for extra phlegm-busting energy. Repeat this as regularly as important to ease congestion.

6. Try a warm compress
On the forehead and nose, a warm cloth is a super manner to alleviate headache or sinus ache.

7. Be a sucker
Cough drops, throat lozenges, and hard sweet may be particularly effective at easing a cough or sore throat. Some docs, along with Kiefer, swear by using lozenges containing slippery elm. Others suggest zinc lozenges to assist shorten cold symptoms, though Schaffner isn't always satisfied of their effectiveness. “If there's an impact [against colds and flu], it’s a small one,” he says. “I desire their effect had been as excellent as their flavor is bad.”

8. Swish and spit
Gargling with salt water helps remove the thick mucus that can gather in the back of the throat, specifically after you have been mendacity down. It also can help ease stuffy ears, Kiefer says.

9. Try nasal irrigation
To ease stuffiness and put up-nasal drip -- and perhaps reduce the risk of getting a sinus contamination -- some docs recommend nasal irrigation. You should buy a neti pot in fitness meals shops and drugstores, or opt for a saline squeeze bottle. You pour salt water into one nose and permit it run out the opposite, clearing out your nasal passages. You can buy pre-made saline solution or make it by mixing salt and lukewarm sterile or distilled water.

10. Line up a caregiver
A caregiver can’t decrease your temperature or treatment a sore throat, however “having someone to tuck you into mattress and bring you fluids could be very comforting,” says Blackwelder. If a chum or family member gives to assist, despite the fact that it’s simplest to forestall by way of and check in on you, count number your blessings -- and take them up on it.



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