Otc Drugs Together With Their Side Effects

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Have y'all always taken medication without doctors permission?? (I know your respond hither 'Obviously Yes')or Have y'all always bought drugs without the prescription??(I know your respond hither also 'Yes')
But many of us don't know how these OTC drugs tin hold upwardly harmful too.

"Over The Counter" (OTC) drugs are the drug y'all tin larn without prescription at pharmacist or drugstore. Basically, OTC drugs are security to purpose together with which are intended to care for short-term illnesses. The argue people prefer OTC drugs are- tardily to empathize it's manner of action, readily available at groceries or pharmacies, less expensive than going to the Dr. together with paying his checkup fees addition less costly than prescribed medication. That's all to the expert if OTC drugs are used correctly for a item status together with inward proper dosage together with for no longer than the recommended time. Over the counter(OTC) drugs are most frequently used to care for ailments similar heartburn, headaches together with other pains, fever, mutual depression temperature together with cough. As per FDA (Food Drug Administration) till date, at that topographic point are to a greater extent than than 300,000 Over-The-Counter drugs on the market. This issue volition proceed to grow if to a greater extent than prescription drug moves to OTC lists.

In some cases, fifty-fifty if OTC are taken correctly, at that topographic point tin hold upwardly some problems because patients with the sure enough wellness status are needed to hold upwardly aware of it's side effects, drug-drug reactions, drug-food reactions. For example, people with view illness or hypertension people are warned non to bring aspirin without doctor's permission.

A study of 500 people carried at Northwestern University inward Chicago yesteryear Dr, Micheal Wolf together with published inward 2012  for "Risk of unintentional overdose with the non-prescription acetaminophen products" which revealed OTC medication containing acetaminophen could atomic number 82 to acuate liver failure.  The potential for side effects together with adverse events due to unintentional misuse of these OTC products is substantial, specially alongside heavy users of acetaminophen together with those with express literacy.

If  y'all or anyone y'all know receive got taken OTC with wrong dosage or unintentional overdose, hither are the symptoms which ask immediate attention
Rapid heartbeat
Blurred vision
Any sort of abrupt alter inward your trunk later on taking medications, y'all should come across your Dr. together with detect out manifestations of your symptoms.

Have y'all always taken medication without doctors permission OTC Drugs together with Their Side Effects

How OTC drugs are harmful

It's hard to say. As far equally shape together with dosage of OTC are unknown it's hard to tell harmfulness of OTC drug. It's non tardily to create upwardly one's withdraw heed the fatal dose of Over-the-counter drugs, I volition explicate y'all with an illustration of Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is an active ingredient inward Tylenol, Panadol, Percocet together with many others. Acetaminophen inward full general term is also called equally Paracetamol(generic name). Acetaminophen operate is to bring down fever together with laissez passer on relief from hurting (pain of mild to moderate scale). Studies of humans receive got reported 'liver failure' equally a side effect of Acetaminophen when it exceeds the optimal dose(dose of a drug that volition attain desired effects). Drug credence charge per unit of measurement varies widely on factors including the status of the liver, ingested drug dose, whether the pill is taken inward conjunction with alcohol, etc. Acetaminophen has narrow security margin equally compared to other Over-the-counter drugs. Doctors receive got reported liver failure if consumed Acetaminophen 2.5 grams inward a day. Approved dose boundary is 1.5 grams or less.

Another of these OTC's is Dramamine, the pop advert construct for motility sickness pill. If abused, Dramamine side effects may include hallucinations, restlessness, blurred vision, dizziness, together with rapid heartbeat. Side effects other than those listed hither may also occur.

Diet pills sold over the counter behavior their ain risks when abused; the negative side effects frequently include view palpitations. In some cases, individuals larn addicted to OTC diet pills inside weeks of the commencement dose.

Other OTC medications of coughing suppressant together with mutual depression temperature medicines containing dextromethorphan(DXM) tin hold upwardly security together with effective when taken equally recommended, precisely they tin also hold upwardly abused together with tin atomic number 82 to serious adverse wellness consequences. Some of it's side effects include double or blurred vision, impaired physical coordination, rapid heartbeat, drowsiness, numbness, together with disorientation. Similarly, mutual depression temperature medicines containing active ingredients similar Pseudoephedrine which is a stimulant. Abuse of this medication tin campaign y'all hallucinations together with intense 'body high'.

Scenarios for adverse reaction of OTC drugs

Older adults frequently purpose many medications at the same time, including prescriptions together with OTC medicines. Their trunk procedure medicines differently than younger adults. There mightiness hold upwardly chances of adverse reaction betwixt drugs or betwixt drug together with food.

Duplication of drugs leads to overdose

Many patients larn grab concur of the drug overdose, sometimes they don't realize how much of drug they are taking. For an example, if y'all bring OTC medication Ibuprofen (Brand names- Advil, Motrin) along with the prescribed anti-inflammatory drug Aspirin( Brand name- Ecosprin) yesteryear your doctor, hence this volition campaign impairment to your kidney.

Food-drug reaction

Food may alter how your trunk processes medications. Medicines taken yesteryear orally must hold upwardly absorbed through the lining of the tum or modest intestine. But at the same fourth dimension nutrients from food, y'all eat also needs to hold upwardly absorbed through the lining of the stomach. If y'all bring medicine with the nutrient when it's non recommended, a possible interaction is that your trunk mightiness non hold upwardly able to absorb the medicine equally it should.
Similarly, abusers of OTC medications, who mix alcohol with it, tin position users at endangerment for internal bleedings, view problems, together with difficulties inward breathing.

List Of Harmful OTC drugs

Not Only Acetaminophen precisely at that topographic point are many other OTC drugs with its improper purpose or overdosage it volition hold upwardly harmful.
1. Codeine(Codectuss)
2. Aspirin(Ecotrin)
3. Dextromethorphan(Robitussin)
4. Dimenhydrinate(Dramamine)
5. Ibuprofen(Motrin)
6. Nimesulide(Nice)
7. Cetirizine(Zyrtec)
8. Diphenhydramine(Benedryl)
9. Propylhexedrine
10. Oxymetazoline(Afrin)
11. Diethyl ether
12. Caffeine

People receive got committed suicide yesteryear overdosing on sure enough OTC drugs. People who rely on OTC medications frequently neglect to read instructions together with warnings on the labels together with cartons.


  • Studies receive got shown that 15% of immature adults inward high schoolhouse admitted that inside a twelvemonth they had abused some sort of over the counter drugs at to the lowest degree once.
  • Severe harmful effects of  OTC medications include Brain damage, seizure, ruptured blood vessels, stroke, coma or fifty-fifty death.

Author's take-

It is of import to bring medicine correctly together with hold upwardly careful when giving them to children. Especially parents with teenagers should hold upwardly aware of the potential for abuse of these medications together with side effects of these OTC's when taken inward large quantities, which should holler for concerns together with the possible ask for intervention together with treatments. When y'all laid out a novel medication either it may hold upwardly prescription or OTC, construct sure enough y'all empathize how to bring it correctly. Every allopathic drug has it's pros together with cons later on it exceeds optimal dose. If whatsoever confusion arises delight inquire your chief assist or pharmacies regarding usage of medication correctly.








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