This Plant Kills 86% of Lung Cancer Cells!

Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of death. There are more casualties of lives from this disease than the colon cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic together.


75 of 85% of the lung cancer cases come from the cancer come from cancer known as non- small cell lung cancer (NSCL).

One study, published in the journal “Pub Med” stated that the parsley can be used as a cure for this terrible disease thanks to its substance apigenin which has ability to kill cancer cells up to 86%. Besides the parsley there are few foods that own apigenin such as: celery, onion, orange, oregano, coriander, chamomile tea, artichoke and red wine.

But, the apigenin which is in the parsley is most concentrated and therefore is often recommended in the fight against cancer.

The tea from parsley can be prepared on the following way:


Chop 15gr root from parsley into cubes and pour 200ml previously boiled water. Place it on heater for another 5 minutes. Leave it covered to stand for 15 minutes and strain it after.

Consume 3 cups daily if you want to feel the benefits of its healing power.

In the alternative medicine, parsley is considered as the best medicine which removes sand and stones from kidneys, successfully treats urinary infections and it is strong diuretic.

Teas from root and leaves for parsley are often recommended.

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