The Dangerous Effects Of Uric Acid On The Body, And 8 Surprising Foods That Help To Keep Gout In Check

Due to an unhealthy diet and, excess uric acid build up in the body is caused gout which is the most painful form of arthritis.


Hyperuricemia is an excess uric acid in the blood. The normal uric acid levels in women are 2.4-6.0 mg/dL and 3.4-7.0 mg/dl in men. If the kidneys have decreased excretion usually abnormal uric acid is the result. Many health conditions are coming on the way because this abnormal acid amounts and one of them is indeed gout. People who suffer from it, experience catalyst abandon which obstructs the purine separation process. Sometimes it develops lead exposure and people who had had organ transplantation are particularly sensitive on this case.

Abundance liquor, diabetes, hypothyroidism are also one of the results caused by high uric acid levels. If your food is rich in fiber absorb and eliminate the uric acid from the body and thus reducing the uric acid levels in blood. Start avoiding fried and processed food who is rich in fat and calories. Eat the ones that are rich in fiber and it can reduce the levels for example kiwi, oranges, pears, apples, beans, avocado, mushrooms… Avoid vegetable oils because they eliminate the Vitamin C. Consume also foods rich in antioxidants as tomatoes, bell peppers, blueberries with high amount of Vitamin C. Green Papaya tea is recommended.

Baking soda as we know is one very useful ingredient so add ½ teaspoon of soda in water. Consume it daily for 2 weeks.

Without water as we already know there is no life. Drink at least 8-10 glasses daily. Large amount of water eliminate the excess uric acid and lowers the risk of gout attack. Combine apple cider vinegar with water sometimes, mix one teaspoon of the cider and take one glass of water. Drink the mixture even 2 to 3 times daily. Also lemon juice can be very helpful. Squeeze one lemon and put the juice in a glass filled with warm water. Consume the drink every morning on empty stomach for 4 weeks.

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