The Cheapest Green Juice: It Strengthens The Body And Prevents The Spread Of Cancer Cells

This miraculous juice is made from vegetables and does wonders to our body.

Many times we wrote that the cabbage is packed with many vitamins and minerals.It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber in large quantities so it is perfect ally for the immune system, especially in the season of virus infections and influenza.


Nutritionists advise that the pork should be consumed with cabbage because this vegetable absorbs the fats faster and speeds up the digestion.

It is an excellent diuretic, it lowers the blood pressure, improves the digestion, cleans the blood vessels, protects against colon cancer and treats gastritis.

Cabbage contains sulforaphane which is substance that prevent occurrence of cancer cells. In addition, cabbage stimulates the memory, conception, improves the heart function and protects against anemia.



  • half a cabbage
  • 100ml of water
  • juice from half a lemon

The cabbage drink can be made in blender.

Blend half a cabbage and add about 100ml of water and juice from half a lemon. Prepared like this, this beverage drink should be consumed immediately, do not use stock, make it again if you want it.

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