Parsley Tea To Lose Weight: Recipe!

Take this juice for 7 days and forget about abdominal fat.

It is likely that most of us, we always have a sprig of parsley in our kitchen in order to use this ingredient in our dishes and prepared, due to its exquisite aroma. But beyond the food sector, parsley is also very good in natural medicine ; It is an ingredient cleanser , very popular when fighting kidney and urinary problems , as well as in establishing eating plans for weight loss. Look then the right recipe parsley tea to lose weight.

Besides being a spectacular depurativo natura l, parsley is also a powerful antioxidant , rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and repair and protect our hair, our nails and our skin.

Its high content of iron, phosphorus, sulfur and calcium also makes parsley a perfect ingredient for treating all kinds of digestive diseases. This is why parsley is highly recommended to athletes, children, people with anorexia and osteoporosis.


As we have already said, parsley is a wonderful natural cleanser, capable of eliminating all kinds of toxins and unsuitable substances within our organism. The infusion of parsley to lose weight that teach you how to prepare and then will help you thoroughly cleanse your body, eliminating all kinds of toxins and fats housed in the most difficult areas of your body.

Before proceeding to show this powerful recipe parsley tea to lose weight , it is important to remember that parsley will only be 100% effective in the first weeks of taking it, when it comes to weight loss. For this ingredient continue to give good results, you need to supplement your intake with a good low – calorie diet.

Even so, parsley will always be detoxifying your kidneys and vital organs, maintaining your good health.


-5 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
-A liter of water

Procedure and method of consumption:

-Bring the water to a boil until it boils.
-Once the water is boiled, add the parsley.
-Stir for a few minutes, and remove the bowl from the heat.
-Let the preparation rest (always covered), and after 20 minutes strain and consume.

You can drink several cups of this powerful infusion of parsley to lose weight during the day. Just keep in mind that if you take too much of this preparation at night, at dawn you will have to get up a few times to urinate, which can interfere with your rest.

Take 2 to 4 cups of this powerful tea parsley to lose weight , and accompany it with abundant water consumption and a diet rich in fresh, natural foods We assure you that in just one week, begin to notice the wonderful results Of this powerful treatment based on parsley to lose weight!

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