LOOK HERE! How To Detect The Bad Energy Of Your Home, Simply Using A Glass Of Water !!!!

It has happened to you that you are calm at home with your family, and suddenly you feel that the atmosphere is getting a little tense and it is as if a black cloak covers your house and everyone starts to argue and get along suddenly without knowing why.

Today we will explain why and what you should do to cleanse your face of all bad energy. What you will learn next, will help you to clean your house of all the bad energies that you may have picked up in the street or in some specific place and that unfortunately, you took to your house affecting your other relatives, you can easily eliminate them with a simple glass with water.

Look how you can do it. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with bad energies to avoid destabilizing our emotions, while their appearance can affect your day and also prevent things from happening to you as you expect. Read to the end and discover how to prepare this ritual, I assure you that you will never forget it.

We all always want to avoid bad energies at any cost, but we especially want them away from our house since it is our place of rest, where we hope to be calm and away from any bad vibes. Although we must also keep these energies away from our place of work and study.

Bad energies are everywhere, and we can see it every day when we meet with negative people on the street who always insist on ruining our day. All our emotions, our feelings, and our attitudes emit an energy that in turn attracts another.

So if we are surrounded by people who always see everything bad, who live talking about their problems and who do nothing but regret how unfortunate they are, inevitably all that bad vibes will fall on us.

Unfortunately these people can be anywhere and can be from our family and close friends to coworkers; that is to say, people who are always close to us and who can hardly avoid that all that negative energy sticks to us.

The first place we identify within our house is where these negative energies can be deposited, it can be in all the objects that we can have within reach or even in the smallest corner.


When there is bad energy in the home it is likely that there will be discussions, we feel sad or we begin to feel afraid of some things. When this happens it is time to see what happens and clean our home of all that is negative and direct our life towards everything positive.

Today you will know how to eliminate these negative energies from your home and ultimately your life so that the relationships between your family are not affected and peace reigns again.

To perform this cleaning of your home you will need:

-1 glass
-Water, quantity needed.
-Vinegar, necessary amount
-2 tablespoons of sea salt

Simply place sea salt into the glass and add 1/3 of water and the equal amount of white vinegar. Place the glass in the room of your home where you detect the negativity more strongly or consider the negativity, preferably placed in a dark place.

You can also prepare another glass equal and place it in other rooms of your house for a full day. Now, when you see the glass, if the glass of the glass is covered with spots or on the surface detect bubbles then bad energy has been installed in your home.

But this method will not simply be used to detect the negativity present in your house but at the same time it will help you eliminate it, so you can repeat the procedure as many times as you want until the glass no longer has spots.

Something very important that you should keep in mind is that you should throw the water out of the glass in the toilet and then clean it so that this negative energy goes completely out of your house. If you found this information useful, share it on all your social networks.

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