Eating The Following Food Can Protect You From Cancer and Many Other Diseases

Vegetarian food is rich with:

1.Protective substances which are found only in vegetarian food :

  • -carotene or pro vitamin A (carrots, peppers and other colored vegetables)
  • – enzymes that neutralize carcinogenic benzo (a) pyrene (we can find this in cabbage and lettuce)
  • – antioxidants (vitamin A,C,E)



2. Vegetable fibers

The lack of vegetable fibers (cellulose) in food can increase the possibility for colon cancer. Meat does not contain vegetable fibers. Vegetable fibers in the food do not allow long retention of intestinal contents in the intestine, which lowers the risk for cancer.

3.Contains little amount of fat

Vegetable fats contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which protect us from cancer and also positively impact on our health. It has been proved that the high consumption of animal fat increases the rate of deadly cases from breast cancer.

4. Does not contain carcinogens

Vegetable food does not contain carcinogens (found in meat). The carcinogens are: benzo(a)pyrene, asbestos, dioxins, gamma rays etc. Therefore, as protection from cancer it is recommended to eat fruits vegetables and whole grains which contain a lot of vegetable fibers.

5. Cardiovascular diseases

The diet based on vegetarian products lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases .This has been proved with research and testing. For example British vegetarians have only 30% risk of heart disease compared to non vegetarians. The population that eats meat more than four times a week is exposed to 70% bigger risk of heart diseases.


Vegetable products (fruit, vegetables, whole grains) do not contain cholesterol unlike the products from animal origin. The organism is capable of producing fatty acids from vegetable origin for the cholesterol needed in the system. Vegetarians have low cholesterol in the blood and that protects them from cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, cerebral thrombosis, atherosclerosis and other illnesses.

In Australia there was a research on effect of food on cholesterol. To the first group of people they gave lean meat every day, and to the second group they gave gluten and soy .After six months cholesterol level of the second group decreased two times faster than the first group.

People who use soy and vegetarian products in their diet are healthier than those who eat meat. Vegetarians also have from 4 to 10 kg less weight compared to non vegetarians.

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