Detoxicate Your Body By The Feet With This Remedy

Although it seems to be a lie, in order to be able to detoxify your body, it does not need to be bigger, maybe you think that we are deceiving you with what we are saying, but not only will you improve your body with these cleanings but also your spirit and the most surprising thing is that you detox body from the feet.

Not everyone knows of these types of techniques, but the truth is that all the toxins that accumulate without having to drastically change your diet you accustom to consume.

Although there are thousands of ways to cleanse the body, such as powders and pills, home-made techniques. Here we will give you some tips for it

With these tips to cleanse you from the feet will achieve excellent detoxifying results that will make you a better person both inside and out.

1. Foot Pads: Made from bamboo extracts, these pads can be obtained at health stores and herbalists, are also called detoxification patches from the Republic of Japan.

They are usually applied before going to sleep and the body eliminates what you do not need when you are awake. Removing fatigue, headaches and tiredness.

2. Ionic Baths: This type of detox is made from positive and negative ions that are placed in water, with which to soak the feet. In this way you eliminate toxins while you relax the lower part of the body, in a quick and simple way.


Ionic detoxification is a therapy that allows the release of these toxic elements through the feet. The treatment is called “pediluvio”. This therapy is located in the branch of antiaging medicine.

This option will help you to improve your physical health and, at the same time, is part of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.

This is an alternative therapy, which does not cure diseases, but improves and helps prevent the onset of other pathologies. Its purpose is ionic detoxification through the feet. By releasing toxins, you will eliminate free radicals that are formed by unstable ions, which cause diseases like cancer, chronic conditions and premature aging.

And why through the feet? The soles of the feet are one of the regions of the human body that has the largest number of pores that allow ion exchange. In addition, it contains 62 reflexological points connected directly to the meridians, organs, devices and systems.

It is also very comfortable for the patient as they will only have to remove their shoes and socks, which allows the therapy to be applied with the patient comfortably seated.

How does it work?

The life and health of the human being are determined by the amount of electrons that are carried inside the body. A healthy person should have 80% negative electrons (anions) and 20% positive electrons (cations).

Due to contamination of air, water and food, in addition to other factors brought about by the modern lifestyle, we accumulate positive electrons or “cations” in our body, excessive accumulation of cations will become toxins.

The therapy works at the electrolytic level, carrying out a process called “ionization”, which breaks the molecules of the water that is in the tub where the feet are, separating them into thousands of negative ions.

By osmosis, a large number of anions (negative ions) penetrate the different membranes of the body and when encountered with positive ions, ie with toxins attached to different body tissues (skin, organs, etc.), the negative charge of the anions neutralizes the positive charge of the toxins or cations.

The therapy promotes the activity of the ions in the body, by means of an electrolytic bath the ion flow of the water is transmitted to the body, said ion flow is the necessary condition to transport electrons to the body and, consequently, to produce much of the cellular communication and the neutralization of free radicals, heavy metals and toxic substances that act as radicals.

The body, recognizing the process of detoxification that is taking place, cooperates, increasing metabolism, accelerating cellular activity, segregating several classes of enzymes and speeding up the function of elimination of the different excretory organs, particularly of the liver, kidneys , the skin, the soles of the feet and the breathing.

Ionic detoxification therapy minimizes the possible undesirable side effects caused by traditional biological detoxification methods, where it is often difficult to avoid overexertion of the liver.

In addition to eliminating a large amount of toxins, the therapy will give the body a lot of negative ions that are the ones that also make us feel at peace, relaxed, healthy and alert, so our body will feel lighter after treatment , our mind will think more clearly and we will feel a greater well-being.

First step

Before starting the footbath session, the patient should be checked for blood pressure. After being sure that the patient can be treated, the feet are placed in a specialized bathtub filled with water, which works with two electrodes that continuously change the polarity of the liquid.

The tub is scheduled for 30 minutes for the elderly. From 5 to 10 minutes, the water is changing color by the toxins that are releasing. Each tone is interpreted as the pathology found in organs. When the water turns brown, it is because there is a liver problem. If it turns yellow, it is because you have to attend to the nervous system. If it adopts a reddish hue, it is due to the presence of complications in the joints. In cases of smokers or alcohol users, water often turns black. You can also see lather in the tub, which indicates bile and kidney problems. If the person releases fat is by the deposits of cholesterol that are released.


The therapy gently stimulates a large number of basic functions of the organism. It provides the necessary impetus for the self-regulation of the organism to function and to balance it more easily. Activation of the ion flux causes, among others, the following reactions:

* Reduction of acidosis.

* Excretion of toxins and neutralization of these in the body.

* Most effective deactivation of free radicals.

* Reduction of the formation of free radicals, activates body water and, consequently, increases the efficiency of its transport and cleaning functions.

* It fights the formation of deposits in blood vessels.

* Blood flow is constantly stimulated.

* The activity of the internal organs is intensified.

* Promotes weight loss.

* Removes grease deposits.

* Balances metabolism.

* It improves the state of humor.

* It favors sleep.

* Performance improves.

* It creates a foundation that improves healing and regeneration.

* Purifies blood.

* Facilitates blood circulation.

* Strengthens the immune system.

* Accelerates the metabolic process of the body.

* Maximizes the body’s natural detoxification.

* Increases absorption of nutrients.

* Stimulates cell regeneration.

* Regulates hormonal disorders.

* It reduces pain and inflammation.

* Slows aging.

* Helps to solve problems and skin blemishes.

* Helps combat alcohol and drug addiction

* Increases energy and sense of well-being in the body.

* Relieves chronic fatigue and facilitates nighttime rest

The following people CAN NOT receive this therapy

* Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

* People with low sugar WITHOUT eating before using it.

* Those who have had organ transplants.

* Those who have hemophilia.

* Those who carry pacemakers or other magnetic devices (insulin pumps and others).

* Those who have epilepsy.

* Those who have platinum or titanium prostheses (if they feel discomfort).

Important data

* The feet are chosen for this therapy, as they pass 150 liters of blood in 30 minutes.

* If the patient does not have lower limbs or has cuts in them, the hands can be used.

* It does not produce any pain, the patient will enter a stage of relaxation.

* The sessions should be done once a week for a month; then the frequency is monthly.

* In the process of the pediluvio the patient can be given water or juices to keep it hydrated.

After each therapy, patients should consume nutritional supplements according to deficiencies of minerals and vitamins; make a diet that is appropriate (reduce the consumption of red meats and fruits containing high sugar levels and feed on many vegetables).

Already many patients who have used this therapy claim that they feel less joint pain, and that they feel with more energy and vitality.

For better benefits, patients should try to be in a stress-free and harmonious environment.

These are just two tips to be able to detoxify and cleanse your body from the feet, usually these natural techniques come with their instructions on the packaging or containers. Also the naturist specialist can advise you to carry out these methods.

So you know that your feet are a focal point to improve your body, notice how the acupuncture works, that massaging certain points of the feet can achieve amazing benefits that are seen in your health

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