Danger! Doctors explain Why Children Should Not Stay Up Late

A long time ago the tradition of our parents or grandparents was that their children, once they had eaten and brushed their teeth, avoid sleeping late . This ritual was practiced without any scientific proof, only based on their wisdom. However, today it sounds logical to ask whether our parents or ancestors were right, or just believed in a superstition. Luckily, we have the answer to your concern.

Effects that bring having a short night to the health of your children:

If you are wondering what has to do with the fact that your child lies late, pay attention to the following information.

It has been demonstrated that during the night the growth hormone is activated , which, as its name indicates, makes our children grow. Therefore, lying down late is harmful, the less time you sleep, the less growth hormone you can intervene in your body.

What’s more, if you have not noticed, childhood is the period where we grow faster, not only physically, but in the development of skills and learning. In this phase, the brain behaves like a sponge and absorbs everything that is around it.

Other reasons for not going to bed late

In addition, another of the main reasons why your child should not go to bed late is because it hinders body growth. Sleeping late impairs the child’s development in intelligence, learning and even psychological stability.

During the night, the brain recomposes itself and in infancy innumerable new neurological connections occur, that promote the healthy development of the children.

Recent research has shown that children who sleep late become more anxious and irritable , have poor school performance, are less able to concentrate, and are more vulnerable to psychological disorders.

How long should your child sleep?

Doctors say that the number of hours a child needs sleep depends on their age. Children up to 18 months should sleep between 8 and 12 hours at night, in addition to having several naps throughout the day. After 18 months, the period of 8 to 12 night hours should be maintained, but naps throughout the day are no longer necessary.

Why is it hard for our children to sleep?

The problem is that nowadays we let our children entertain, without control, with all the existing technology called cell phones, televisions, Tablet, computers or video games . This makes it difficult for our boys to go to bed early.

If your little one’s development matters to you, it’s time to set limits and determine the amount of time you spend using these kits. We advise you never to let your child take the cell phone or tablet to bed, without supervision, as the light of the devices deceive the child’s brain and tell you that it is not yet time to sleep , so that tiredness it will take time to reach your body. Also, its luminosity can be harmful to the eyesight.

Adults should also sleep early

Just as in children, when you are an adult, early sleeping is an option that benefits the body. When the greats avoid sleeping late, they are actually allowing their body to regenerate the nutrients and energy lost during the day . In addition, you give the example to the smallest of the house.

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