9 Night Habits To Look Beautiful When You Wake Up

Carrying out a proper beauty routine before going to bed every night is a key factor when it comes tolooking beautiful when you wake up in the morning of the new day. While it is true that when you get home at night, fatigue and stress of the day make it practically impossible to perform a proper facial cleaning before going to bed.

It is also true that this minimal detail becomes Essential when always maintaining the skin of our face in the best of the states. Today we want to show you how to wake up prettier in 9 simple steps that you must follow each night, before going to bed.

See below how to wake up prettier every morning with these 9 practical and simple night-time habits.

How to wake up prettier by following these 9 habits before going to sleep

1. Makeup remover

If you want to know how to wake up prettier every morning, this habit is a key factor.

Each night before going to sleep, make sure there is nothing left of makeup on the skin of your face. The makeup usually clogs the pores and thus give rise to blackheads and other imperfections of the skin.

Use cleansing milk or essential oils to remove make-up from your face before going to bed.

2. Wash your face with cold water

Before going to bed, wash your face with cold water , which will not only help you clean and purify your skin, but also toning and sealing the enlarged pores.

Also use natural or mild soap to wash your face and not alter the pH.

3. Use body moisturizer

Using moisturizer throughout the body is ideal to prevent dryness from affecting our skin.

Keep in mind that the skin of the face is much more sensitive than the rest of the body, so you will need a softer moisturizer to apply on it.

4. Vaseline for feet

The feet are also very important, and often we often neglect them, to such a level that they begin to appear in them callosities and other defects.

Apply a little Vaseline on your feet every night to remove any remaining dead skin from them, and give them hydration and good looks.

5. Use a cream for the eye contour

If you really want to know how to wake up prettier every morning , this point is critical.

The area around our eyes is the most sensitive of the face, and therefore tends to be easily damaged due to continuous exposure to UV rays and toxins from the environment.

If you want to avoid the dreaded “crow’s feet” and premature wrinkles, use each night before going to sleep a specific cream to repair and reaffirm your skin around the eyes.

6. Shave the eyebrows

If you are one of those that you want to epilate your own eyebrows, we assure you that it is much better that you do it before going to sleep, since then your skin will have time to rest and relax enough, so that the redness produced by extracting the Hair does not intensify too much.

7. Hydrate the cuticles well

Keeping your nails in good condition is also a primary task.

Moisturizes and nourishes the cuticles every night before going to bed, with good products such as olive or coconut oil.

8. Whiten your teeth

Remember that to whiten your teeth, it is necessary that at least once a week you brush with a little baking soda, letting the product work for a few minutes before rinsing.

These types of beauty tips are key when knowing how to wake up prettier every morning.

9. Take care of the eyelashes

After removing all the makeup of your face, apply on your eyelashes a little castor oil to nourish and strengthen them.

If you apply these simple beauty tips regularly, the nighttime rest period will almost become a beauty salon which will help you to wake up radiant every morning.

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