10 Things That Naturally Skinny People Never Do

Some people spend their lives without any problems with weight and all the side effects of it. When they mature, their weight remains the same through life. For this, the good genes are not the only reason that exists.


Researchers from Cornell Food and Brand Lab recently did one research with 100 healthy adults, who never had weight problems in order to discover their healthy habits and the key for maintaining their proportions. These are some thing that most of the skinny people never do:

1.Skipping breakfast

96% of the respondents said that they eat in the morning, and more than half of them include fruits and vegetables as part of their breakfast.

2,Following crazy diets

74% of them said that they rarely practiced diet and 48% of them have never been on a diet.

3.Guilty conscience when it comes to food

They enjoy consuming food without feeling anything more but enjoyment and satisfaction, even when they overeat.


While the people who want to lose weight want to set limits, the ones who are naturally skinny set goals rather than restricts. So, they do not ban the processed food they encourage themselves in consuming more integral food. They do not lay van for second meal, they hear their bodies and they stop eating when they are full.


Most of them said that they exercise less than you thing – 32%, they do not exercise more than twice a week while, 27% exercise for 4- 5 times a day and 10% do not exercise at all. This declares that people can remain skinny with realistic amount of activity.

6.Hiding the scale

More than half of them said that they are measuring themselves once a week – not daily, not ever.

7.Salad instead of sandwiches

Although you think that skinny people eat only green stuff and never sandwiches, just 38% of them said that they eat salad during their lunch every day.

8.Carbonated drinks

Most of them answered that they regularly drink soft drinks and many of them said that they consumed diet sodas.


Only 3 out of 10 responded that they avoid alcohol.

10.Care about what they consume

Through perhaps you might think that your skinny friends can “carve” pizza, meat and cookies, as much as they like most of 90% of them said that they do pay attention on the food they consume. That means that after pizza day, they will be eating the next day healthy salad for making balance.

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